Representing Various Franchisees and Franchisors in Various Industries & Businesses
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Assisting the Franchise Business Nationwide

The Farrell Law Group has been involved in all aspects of franchising for more than 30 years. We have represented franchisees and franchisors in various industries and businesses, with work in numerous industries and business groups, including petroleum marketing (PMPA and antitrust), food service, the automobile parts and services industry, and employment services.

Few other law firms have our level of experience in franchises; businesses across the United States have benefited from the services of our attorneys. Our senior partner, Richard W. Farrell, has written a comprehensive and well-respected guide to franchising, Franchise It! A Guide to Franchising Your Business, which is currently in its third edition.

We represent franchisors and franchisees in everything from franchise formation and review to document/UFOC preparation, to dispute resolution. The following pages explain some of our services further:

      • How to Franchise Your Business: We represent business owners who are considering expanding their business through franchising. Our franchisor set-up services include offering circular (UFOC) and documentation review and recommendations. (See also our FAQs on How to Franchise Your Business for more information on franchising.)
      • Acquiring a Franchise: Our attorneys carefully guide those interested in acquiring a franchise from an existing franchisor through the process.
      • Franchise Associations: We represent existing franchisee associations regarding all aspects of their relationship with their franchisor and general business matters. Our lawyers also represent individual franchise owners in dispute resolutions nationwide through mediation, arbitration and court proceedings.
      • Franchise Purchase Due Diligence Questions of Other Franchisees

The Farrell Law Group also represents franchisors in all aspects of franchise compliance, franchisee relationships, disputes, etc.

Personal Service from an Experienced Attorney

Each client of The Farrell Law Group gets the full attention of an experienced lawyer throughout the life of their legal matters. This commitment to clients allows us to provide services that are practical for their specific needs.

Some lawyers simply push the client through the process, when approached by a potential client looking to franchise a business. Our attorneys work with the client to examine the specifics of his or her business, evaluate comparable businesses and their level of success with franchising, and then determine whether franchising the business is indeed wise.